• Business Excellence

    Improve your processes and increase your profitability. Get quality levels that you thought impossible to achieve

  • Strategy Management

    The business strategy does not work stored in your desk drawer. We help you to implement it and bring it to the processes

  • Benchmarking

    We help you to learn best practices in the industry and adapt them to your organization. It is not necessary reinvent the wheel, if someone did this

  • Courses, workshops and seminars

    If you want to achieve your goals, you need a good team with all necessary skills and knowledge. We help you to achieve that

Welcome to Business Excellence Chile

Business Excellence is a specialist organization in consulting and advising services in Business Excellence (adopting Baldrige Models, EFQM, ABEF, CAF, Chilean, etc.), Strategic Management (design, development, strategic support and use the Balanced Scorecard) and Benchmarking (using the TRADE methodology developed by DR. Robin Mann) dedicated to generating sustainable value for our clients over time



Business Excellence Chile offer to you a variety consulting and training services about business excellence, strategy management, benchmarking and innovation.


Business Excellence

The business excellence frameworks help your organization detect constantly best opportunities to improve its processes, increasing its productivity, profitability and sustainability in the long term.

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Strategy Management

The Strategy Management enable us to execute, manage, communicate and control our strategy. Implement and transform strategy into quotidian actions, and reach bring them to the operations is the biggest challenges for managers today.

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By benchmarking, your organization can identify, learn, adapt and apply best practices in their key processes. Business Excellence Chile is the exclusive representative of the TRADE benchmarking methodology for Latin America.

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Courses, workshops and seminars

We offer courses, workshops and seminar in-company or open about Business Excellence, Strategy Management, Benchmarking and Innovation. They are made by our directors and collaborators both national and international.

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